Sunday Homily (English)

Publié le 15 Juillet 2018

Every dominical get together has a battery recharging effect in the personal life of every Christian. It’s here that our spiritual life is nourished and taken care in a communitarian way. Today I would propose two words to understand and for the application of this Sunday readings: chosen and sent. The secret of Christian life is our personal call and mission entrusted to us.  In the first reading the prophet Amos will answer firmly to the priest of Bethel, "I was a drover, and I looked after the sycamores. The truth is, he was nothing until he was not chosen by the Lord. Today he is a prophet before this people and the false prophets. He announces the message of his God courageously that makes not only the priests of Bethel, but also their king tremble before his words, because it is directly from the Lord. There is no fear of power than the faithfulness to the mission entrusted.

This divine call challenges us and gives us the courage to announce the Good News. This announcement of the Good News begins with a testimony in our everyday life, of everything we have heard and all that we deeply believe. In a simple way, with an ordinary act or gesture. Whatever may be our merits or past history, God calls us, consecrates us and sends us to this world, the world He loves so much. The first Christian community was born in this testimony of the Apostles who testified to all that they heard from the Lord, seen and experienced with Him and also after His resurrection. In the Acts of the Apostles we read this testimony of Peter to the family of Cornelius who wanted to listen to this message of hope. This dialogue will end up with conversion and baptism.

We know it well the economy of salvation, the project that God has prepared to save us, does not stop with incarnation and resurrection. For this, He chose his only Son so that we clearly understood, the mystery of salvation, in a human way through His humanity which was previously purely divine. Fortunately God needs our humanity, including our weakness, especially ordinary beings like Amos, Peter and Paul, to announce the Word of hope and joy.

We are all chosen in our baptism, consecrated and sent by the Lord, to be witnesses of His presence, as the light and salt of the earth. If we become aware of this truth, nourished in the Eucharist in this fraction of the Bread we share, with a burning heart of His love, just like the disciples of Emmaus, even if it is night, we will leave our house, to the peripheries of our society. Nothing will stop us. As the disciples of the Lord responded to the elites of Synagogue, we too will be able to respond to the world with courage and conviction, ‘it’s better listen to the Lord than to the human desires and intelligence.’

Let us listen again to the instructions given by the Lord and apply them with due indulgence.

• He sends them two by two. Let us not be alone in proclaiming the Gospel. In solitude we can not share the joy of the Gospel. Joy is best expressed in sharing, listening, etc.

• To announce the Good News, we need a pure heart, consecration, and good will. Material things will be given to us by the Lord.

• Our main responsibility as the messengers of the Lord is: to share PEACE and to proclaim the conversion that God desires. The Holy Spirit will accompany us and do the work. We must only lend our body and heart and our intelligence and will in freedom. We are not called to succeed but be faithful, says Saint Theresa of Kolkata.


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