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Beginning with the fest of the Resection of the Lord and till the feast of Pentecost we had the pleasure of meditating the divine mysteries. These great feasts have given us an occasion to discover the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in their particular function of creator, redeemer and the one who sanctifies. The feast of the Trinity is a feast of divine interiority. This feast has lots of resemblance to our daily life, particularly in relation to the complexity of human life.  This mystery reminds us of two paradoxically contradicting and unifying aspects that make life: unity (one God) and diversity (three persons). To understand this mystery I would like to invite you all to look at the gospel of the day and it can help us to understand this mystery by comparing this analogically with the paradox of life.

There is a gathering of the disciples of the Lord. All are called to come together and they will do it individually and at the same time, all are in motion towards a destination, thus a movement though individual but together. The scattered disciples, each in his side, is called to follow a path that will lead him to Jesus. All will make their own paths, according to their talents and limitations, giving themselves sufficient time and space, with hope and certitude. Though there are a diversity of acts and deeds they however will do the same job, in a personalized way, seeking an individual response for the whole question of their life. We are also gathered together today to pray and celebrate this feast of the Trinity, a feast that makes visible not only everything that unifies us, but also all the complexity of life, with its richness of diversity.

Even though this life is complex with its beauties, pains and suffering, it is filled with generosity. For us, we are introduced by baptism to another life, a purely divine life configured to divine holiness, to the holiness of the Trinity. We were baptised in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. By accepting the diversity of people, in the different person of God, still in the unity of ONE God, we are called to discover our own diversity and unity of the same faith in Jesus Christ, who makes us live individually and brings us together as one single people of God.

The gospel says that all the disciples gathered around Jesus. It is important that we take cognizance of this truth. Without Jesus we can never welcome the Holy Spirit and without the support of the Holy Spirit, we can never know the Father. They are so united, without ONE, the other is impossible and if we know One, we can know ALL. This is the mystery of the Trinity. Jesus is the only humanly available way and means for all of us on earth to see, hear, and feel God in a human way. The imitation of Jesus par excellence and the configuration of our life to his humanity will make us discover through his Word and his deeds not only his divinity but also his Father who loves us.

For that, we must know how to move towards the right direction, especially towards the peripheries of our neighbourhoods, as Saint Father tells us. From the plain land (narrow vision)  towards a mountain (large vision), to go to meet him, to know him and to love him. We must gather around Jesus who will bless us, consecrate us and send us to the world He loves.

We can ask ourselves this question: Am I worthy to do it? Will God go with me while I still remain as a sinner and unfaithful. Certainly, we are right to have these doubts of the presence of God in our daily life and the effectiveness of his accompaniment because of our own infidelity. It is important that we know to assume them and accept our weakness, because in our weakness God can act easily than in our strength. In the recent apostolic exhortation (Gaudete et Exsultate ) the holy Father invites all to participate in the Trinitarian holiness. It is possible in a smaller way, as a religious, as a lay person, as a son and daughter, wife and husband, father and mother, by simply doing our responsibilities according divine will, in its perfection.

On this feast day, Jesus sends us to this world to transform it and make it as the heavenly Kingdom, not by his name alone, but in the name of the Trinity. May this feast of the Holy Trinity be a force of communion in our society and especially in our family. May we learn from the Holy Trinity to unite us as one people of God. May they teach us to appreciate diversity and to discover this unity in this diversity. May the Lord bless you and keep you. Amen



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