Publié le 1 Avril 2018

Forty days of fasting and penance come to its logical conclusion. We are witness to this great event, the Resurrection of the Lord. Yesterday we had the vigil and in this celebration with various rites and movements, all of us were nourished (I imagine) with very rich theological and sometime with philosophical enrichment, pastorally orienting us towards hope and Joy. Thus today I would like to propose a simple meditation of the gospel without pushing many ideas in your mind.

Today is the celebration of light. However, on the morning of Easter, Mary Magdalene was in front of the tomb, and the gospel of the day tells us that it was still darkness. Darkness is not only in its natural state, but also a spiritual state within the person. Filled with deep sadness, she let herself be animated by her feelings and emotions, without being connected to the truth. We are before the truth of which Pilate wanted to know, without seeking it. Peter, as we have heard in the first reading, remembers all that he has seen, heard and lived and will bear witness to the world. The winner of death is before us, and the death gives the way to the eternal life. It is in Him that we put all our hope.

The stone is removed and the door is open. Yet many of us, like Mary Magdalene, do not dare to go there to discover the truth. We must dare like Moses and discover ourselves the wonders of God. The Lord invites us to discover Him, the Risen One. To our astonishment, we discover today that there were other people whom the Lord has prepared for his resurrection: Mary Magdalene. She is chosen to be an Apostle of the Apostles, because she is the first one, chosen and sent to announce the resurrection. By his resurrection the Lord removes the darkness that dwelt in the heart of Mary Magdalene and filled it with hope. The resurrection assures us that any stone that prevents us from advancing will be removed by the Lord.

Peter and John, both ran together, not with the same speed. One happens in little faster than the other. Yet there is a protocol that God has established in our life. The first will always be the one God has chosen in our life. Not according to our merits, or the talents or qualities that inhabit us, rather according to the divine will. You must know how to respect this protocol of life, and give it the first place. If we do not respect this protocol of life, we will never understand the mystery and we will lose ourselves in the name of the right and freedom that respects nothing but his personal interest.

The man in his ignorance sees through all emptiness, and certainly for Mary Magdalene who loved the Lord, the tomb was empty. And was it really empty?  For a purely human way of looking at events, which is not able to perceive further from all that is visible or palpable, will see this emptiness. Only a man of faith, who will be able to see in this void, the visible and invisible signs of the truth: the divine presence, the Risen One. A man of faith, sees everywhere and in all, the divine works. In health and also in sickness, in joy and misery, he will see his God.

He saw and believed. What did he see to believe? He looked at everything, looking simply without any prejudice. He remembered everything he learned and heard from his Master's mouth. By associating and connecting all these into one single act, he felt an inner serenity looking at how things were arranged. In our life, we must recognize and know how to look just as God did, including in our broken family relationship. I am not here to say that every human work is divine. Rather, God does not abandon us. Everyone has its place and its importance. He is able to transform everything. Nothing was stolen or by chance, everything was planned, death and also the Resurrection.

Like Mary Magdalene, let us be missionaries of the resurrection, carry in us the divine hope with a Word gives Life accompanied by concrete acts. May the Risen Lord be our light and the Body delivered and the Blood shed for us be the food on the road. May this Winner be our Way, our Truth and our Life. Amen.



Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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