3rd Easter Sunday

Publié le 14 Avril 2018

'The truth will save us', . The more we are connected to the truth, particularly the presence of God in us, the more we will be human and will act divinely in our human encounters. Pilate wanted it without searching for it. Fortunately this truth is before us, in us, in our heart. The sacred scriptures, the history of salvation, the tradition and the testimonies of the fathers of the Church help us to scratch and discover this truth of life, the Risen One. IThe men and women of good will have found this truth: God dwells in us and has dedicated their lives to preserve this presence in their heart and around their surroundings and worked hard to spread this presence wherever they went. They have been, and still are, in these days of brokenness and violence, the true models of life, the missionaries of peace and reconciliation. Very often we act in ignorance and that is why our actions are not consistent with our faith. Today the Lord awakens our intelligence and helps us to re-read our entire lives with a look of faith and trust. The Lord greets us and wants to share with us this message of peace and consolation, 'Do not be afraid.' Do not be afraid, because I am with you and in you.

A man of faith, however, will live his life fully by recognizing this divine presence and living the inner peace that God has given him. They know how to identify the divine presence, even in their misfortune. When things do not go as we would like, we have to open our doors, not be locked in ourselves. Let us learn to open our doors which will in their turn will open for us the door of hope. Jesus is with us. He tells us, "Peace be with you. We must learn to fix our gaze on Jesus. Remember the story of Peter on the water? Let's not forget this story et not be distracted, even we are in the midst of a storm of life.

If we do not trust the presence of God in our troubled moments of life, we cannot move forward. God is able to cross any kind of wall, yet he will leave us free in our freedom. For God is free and the freedom He has given to us, He will respect it. The disciples of Emmaus can help us to act properly. In their misfortune and sadness, they share with a stranger totally unknown. They pay attention to everything this foreigner teaches. Later, they will say, is not our heart burning when He spoke to us? It is important that we reread our past histories and find in our miseries, how God was with us and accompanied us.

Jesus invites us to discover Him in his humanity, even though transfigured, glorified, transformed, yet he is this same Jesus with all his person, a MAN of flesh and blood. Yet God with us. Passion will never be erased by the resurrection. Let us remember all that He tells us in the sacred scriptures. It is a process that the man must never forget. With courage let us announce this Good News of divine presence in this world.

Today we as Christians have a great duty in this broken and discouraged society. Carry this divine peace and work in such a way that this peace remains in us. May we be that face of God that incites in the hearts of men a desire for peace and reconciliation. May our presence in the famaily and in our society give hope, affirm and reaffirm that all is not wrong. We can always hope and be a life giving witness to the resurrection. Amen.


Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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