Second Sunday

Publié le 14 Janvier 2018

We are entering in to the second ordinary Sunday of the year, with the theme, ‘call ' or ‘vocation’. God invites us to participate in his mission, particularly to establish his Kingdom on earth. Very often, God does it personally and individually, yet for a community mission.  One person is chosen among the many for the whole community. All of us have received a mission, right from the beginning of our existence, particularly the day of our baptism, when we have openly accepted that Jesus is our saviour and have became members of His Church.  This mission, we can say it, personalized, given to us according to our capacity, and if needed, a particular grace is added.  

Many of us don’t realize this truth. It is quite possible that we have not yet recognized that voice calling us, like this little boy, Samuel. He was wise, he ran to the high priest, fortunately with trials and error, this high priest could guide this little boy. Samuel learned to speak to the Lord.  Unfortunately for us, like the others, we do not hear it. Why do some hear this divine call, and why not others?

The answer is in the second reading. All who hear this voice are those who have recognized the divine dwelling place among men. As Mother Theresa, who was able to see Christ in the suffering of humanity,  we have plenty of holy people who did hear this call and responded positively.  These people became the ambassadors of the Lord, in their words and deeds.  They first heard this voice in their interiority and were able to associate to the exteriority.  And, God has made them able to put this Word into practice. God has given such power to this little boy who will tell this high priest Eli that God will punish you with your children, even though  he saw Eli as a saint.

Saint Paul reminds us that we are the dwelling place of God and we have an obligation to keep his home in a dignified manner. We must look at all that God has already given us, particularly the holiness. In Jesus, we became God's adopted sons and daughters, and through this adoption we inherited this look from God. John looks at Jesus and proclaims, "This is the Lamb of God. Jesus looks at John's disciples and invites them to live with him, to listen to him, to discover in Him the Christ, the Saviour.

To follow the Lord is to move from here to ......... a place that the Lord tells us, it is to empty ourselves to be filled by the Lord, it is to listen to fulfil what it is listened, it is to surrender oneself before the divine goodness and to enrich oneself, etc. This process of life transforms us and makes us a missionary who invites others to follow the Lord. That's exactly what Andrew, Simon's brother did. 'We have seen the Messiah' Jesus will look at Simon and this look will transform him, from Simon to Peter. Every encounter transforms us, especially when it is divine.

As Christians, we can have two linds of approach to life. The first one is that of Samuel's and John's disciples. They didn’t have the answer, they approached the right person. They were basically seeks of divine truth and accomplishers of divine will. Jesus will certainly will ask them, "What are you looking for?, and certainly they will have the answer. The second approach is that of  Eli, John the Baptist and that of Jesus. They have the truth and they lead others, they help them and invite others. As Christians we can pray to the Lord by saying, Lord you have called us to be the seeks of divine will and at the same time like Andrew you wishes that we invite others to cooperate in the accomplishment of this divine will. Give us the grace to be seeks and be a faithful missionaries.

God bless you all. Have a wonderful Sunday.



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