Happy New Year

Publié le 1 Janvier 2018

New Year Message


Today is the solemnity of the motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, the mother of God, our beloved mother. What a joy for all of us to be associated to this divine motherhood and to become the adoptive children of the Mother of God, the mother of Jesus Christ. It is in this motherhood that all the Christians are called to be formed, particularly be melted in the furnace of her faith, who knew how to put the Word in action, by saying YES.

This yes is our affirmative sign of divine cooperation. Let us engage positively and learn with the same mother, to say yes to the Lord and to cooperate in the accomplishment of the divine will.   All of us might have received in this year, wonderful and thought provoking messages. Let us learn to choose from them, particularly those divine messages, which is inspired by the Lord, discerning with the divine wisdom, which message meant for us personally.

Just like the shepherds who received this joyful message and shared with everyone, ended up in glorifying the Lord, let our own sharing of our joy (and pain too), be a joyful invitation, for all those who surround us, to glorify the Lord, by proclaiming just like the Mother of God, what a marvellous work that Lord has done for me!  

I am sure that Mary didn’t understand, then time, all the details of the events attached to the divine incarnation. We too, we need not know and perceive everything, but there is a wonderful openness in her approach. She kept everything in her heart and mediated. Just like our mother, let us also have the patience with the Lord and learn to keep everything in our hearts and meditate. This meditation with an open heart, will lead us in to the contemplation, where the Lord will take us totally in to His abundance.

Putting all our hope in the divine providence, just like the Mother of Jesus, let us initiate ourselves in this year 2018, with confidence into the process of salvation history, taking the pilgrim path, just like Abraham, Mary and Joseph, towards the promised land, with certitude of divine accompaniment, carrying with us, this little child, fragile and delicate may He be, however filled with hope and joy, impotency in truth, the veritable God with us.

I wish you all my prayerful wishes. May God bless you, and all those who are associated with you. May this year be filled with divine grace and you may have the joy of cooperating in the accomplishment of divine project, confined to you directly or indirectly, always personally by God. Happy New Year.




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