Merry Christmas

Publié le 25 Décembre 2017

Today Christmas has become an occasion for the family get together and a moment rich with generational exchanges. Certainly it is socially something very good and to be appreciated in all our family get-togethers. However, it is important that we realise, that Christmas is to be centred in the Person of Christ and discover the mystery of divine intervention for the salvation of the humanity. It is a feast which invites us to look beyond the visible realities and through them to seek the invisible TRUTH, particularly the divine work in the humanity, by which He protects and guides us all.

The divine incarnation is filled with hope and joy, not only for the spiritual seekers, but also for the material and pleasure seekers. God has created us in a manner that man in his freedom choses what he thinks important and pleasing for him. However, it is in this same freedom and liberty that God desires to instruct us, to make a wise discernment and be able to go beyond these pleasure of earthly things and through them, discover the eternal joy that He proposes us today.

Yesterday in the mass for the children I asked to one of the children what is the reason for his joy, and he replayed to me by saying, it is just like this, and Christmas gives my joy. Knowingly or unknowingly, children enter into the tradition and with the exchange of sweets and gifts, we forget the giver and source of this joy. The parents prepare all these for their children, because they love them and desire that they may be happy.  Many of us even the adults are not able to understand why God has done this for us, the sinners. We forget just like these little children and sometime we don’t even search and find that we are someone very precious for God that He says by the incarnation that He can go to any extent to save us and protect our soul.

The incarnation does disturb and upset the society of its understanding of God and the way God works. Why the creator has chosen to born in the poverty, while the palaces were always available at His disposition?  It is simply because that God may be close to us and be able to reach to us without any hurdles and disturbances. To create the proximity and accessibility, this poverty was the best means chosen by God. The heart of May was sufficiently enough to warm this little child and God contents himself with this little heart filled with joy and hope. Through the incarnation God has given this immaculate heart of Mary to warm us, form us and model us, particularly to teach us how to keep Christ warm and pleasing.

It is important that we approach this divinely chosen mother to learn from her, how to love Christ. Saint Joseph though remain silent, was active when this child was in need of him. It is important that we learn from him too this quality of silence and discretion, watching and waiting patiently, and simply accompanying Mary to accomplish her mission, to be the mother of Christ.  His kindness and generosity can be a good model for us too, particularly in our human and interpersonal relationship.

May this joy of Christ and the Christmas remain in us and continue to produce the hope to live this life fully. Let us share this joy with our brothers and sisters , and bless them gnerousely and pray for them. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.




Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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