Christ the King

Publié le 26 Novembre 2017

My Homily


The Church is celebrating today, Christ the King of the universe. King and his kingdom, is not something that God has desired for his people. It was a request against the divine will and God in his mercy granted it. For this people God Himself was their eternal King. Through the prophets, He guided and accompanied them. The image that God gives himself and offers us to  understand the kingship  is that of a shepherd. We heard it from first reading that He himself will seek them, bring them back, etc.

In the OT God uses this image of Shepherd  in a parallel way with the kingship.  It was not that God was fan with this image, rather the best He could use to make the Shepherd community to understand the divine kingship.

Psalm 23 was a praise made by King David to his Shepherd, God our Shepherd. He felt this divine accompaniment and He listened to his Master, God. That's why he went out in front of the Tent of the Lord to dance and sing in joy, like a little child. Certainly, this behaviour was not welcomed by his wife, either by the elites of his time. For as today they have forgotten the leading role of a king: in the service of the people, as a servant faithful to the Lord.

How can we understand this king and his importance in our personal life? It is always the way He looks at us and his wisdom in judging us. Today we have this final judgment and we discover that love is the only measure of judgment that God applies to us. We must make an evaluation  of our life. Who is our king and what is his teaching that we listen to and put into practice?

If Jesus is our king, was I able, according to his teaching, to love and forgive one another like Him? In my daily life, are my actions and thoughts animated by love or I was politically correct? Was mercy, the heart of my actions, or did I apply only the laws established by society, or even by the Church?

We must recognize the question that the Lord is asking us today. He does not ask us if you were nice to your wife or to your husband, purely with earthly and blood relations. He does not ask us whether you were faithful to marriage or cared for your children or your brothers and sisters. Why were not these issues a priority for the Lord? It seems to me, if you did not even know how to love your wife and your husband, or your brother and your sister ....................................... ..? these things aren’t our basic obligations?

Jesus asks us to open this relationship in a universal way, by leaving behind our places of security, like my family, my society, my country etc. He wishes that we leave the doors open, to welcome the weak and excluded in our society. If we are not able to identify the hungry or thirsty, the alien or the sick, the prisoners or the isolated people, etc., how can we serve them? It is here that we are judged and asked to take the responsibility for our choice of actions and people. Lord, help me to recognize not only the Christ, the Son of God, the King of the universe, the Risen One, but also the poor Christ in my neighbourhood, suffering on the Cross, alone and abandoned, Amen.



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