All Saints Day

Publié le 1 Novembre 2017

My Homily


All Saints' Day is a feast of hope, a divine hope that God gives to the humanity in His Son. All are called to this holiness of life, in our own limited way. Tomorrow we will commemorate the faithful departed and pray for them. All the two celebrations are closely related, because we hope, thanks to the mercy of God and our prayers that our deceased brothers will get once again an opportunity to join this immense crowd before God, face-to-face, that they may enter this Kingdom in heaven.

Our Christian faith is founded in this hope, to be able to look at Christ,  face to face in Heaven, as our mediator, before the Father. The beatitudes are the gateways. And all the beatitudes are so linked that we can not separate them. I will allow myself to compare the Kingdom of God and the beatitudes with a room, and  I will compare the beatitudes as the doors of this room. To be happy and enter in this room, one door will suffice us.

The saints we know have travelled the same path as ours, and they assure us that a heavenly life is possible on earth. They have lived an ordinary life, in an extraordinary manner. Even if we find ourselves in the desert, from time to time in confusion, if we put our trust in the providence of the Lord, if we remain faithful to his call, despite our weaknesses, we can give the fruits like a tree planted on the river bank, at the proper time. Their fidelity to the Word of God, allowed them to count them among the elites in heaven.

They are in the house that God has prepared and we would already like to be there. Our life on earth is full of trials and failures. We are both fragile and strong. When confronted by difficulties, we fix our eyes on the Cross, in the certainty that it will lead us to the resurrection. The feast of All Saints gives us this hope and it is based on the resurrection of the Lord.

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, all the Beatitudes is a path of happiness, towards peace and joy. Happy the man who puts his trust in the Lord, says the psalm. God will not take away our daily difficulties, but He gives us the strength to confront them bravely. If we remain faithful to His call, He assures us of the divine accompaniment and grace. He says to us, like his Father, be merciful, be humble and pure, we will see the Kingdom of God. "Today, with me, you will be in paradise" The message of this teaching is clearly clear, "Rejoice, be glad."

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