32nd Sunday

Publié le 11 Novembre 2017

My Sunday Homily



Life is a gift that God has given us, a gift full of freedom and openness, like the clay in the hand of a potter. It comes with its ups and downs, conditioned by society, its environment and its history, including cultural. This life dwells among men and a wise man seeks not only the source of this life, but also its purpose. In this search for the truth, the truth of life, he learns the importance of discernment, the present, especially the events in between this beginning of life in God and the end after the death. These events are given into our hands to choose and use. To better discern all that is happening between this beginning and the end of life, God shares with us his intelligence and his wisdom.

Wisdom is within the reach of all those who seek it. We have the choice; act savagely according to our personal tastes, or act wisely according to the divine will. God wants man to be happy. A happy man is already doing the divine glory. Do not be confused with a drunk with a happy man.

God is this wisdom and Christ is his glory. The first reading decodes the mystery of divine wisdom. "Wisdom is resplendent, it does not wither. She is easily contemplated by those who love her, she lets herself be found by those who seek her. The parable of ten girls shows us the fruit of this wisdom. She remained invisible and made herself visible when the bride arrived. The psalm helps us to discover this wisdom in us. It is one of the measures to judge our state of life. Do we live according to the divine will, guided by this wisdom? God, I seek you at dawn and my soul is thirsty for you, like an arid land, altered and without water ...............; your love is better than life ............... ..; all my life I will bless you ........................; I cry with joy in the shadow of your wings. Let's evaluate our life by applying this psalm. And we will know where we are actually.

We live in a world that seeks a clear answer and it refuses to recognize the presence of the mystery. The oil of love and forgiveness are unfortunately calculated to the point. You have to be generous and a little more. We calculate and would like to arrange everything. In this parable Jesus warns us. We cannot control everything. Neither birth nor death.

The baptism ceremony ends with a very beautiful rite, 'keep this light on'. The parable of ten girls is an invitation to the wedding and also an invitation to watch. Let's be ready anytime. Divine wisdom helps us to understand this mystery and teaches us to trust. Faith is nourished in this hope of the resurrection and the joy that God desires for His people. We do not know what time the Son of Man will come. "Watch, because you do not know the day or the hour" confirms the gospel of the day. On this last Sunday of the liturgical year, the Church invites us to this wedding of the Lord. Are we foresighted and have enough oil?



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