Feast of Pentecost

Publié le 4 Juin 2017

The feast of Pentecost brings us towards the disciples of the Lord in the upper house,  with Mary who accompanies them in prayer and contemplation. All were in the true contemplation of the resurrection and the fear did block them inside. The fire of heaven has taken away this darkness and illuminated them with divine wisdom, filled with courage and strength to address all the people of Jerusalem. All have understood in their mother tongue and this fire has unified the people of Babel, accepting the diversity of te society, inviting us to discover in this diversity, the unity of the people of God.

The Gospel tells us, "He poured out his breath on them and he said to them," Receive the Holy Spirit. "Biblically it is not the first time that God is breathing his Spirit to men. By blowing again, Jesus shows us a new creation, a new man, by the power of the Spirit from the risen Christ. A new world begins and a new Israel is inaugurated by the mission of its disciples in the world.

Turning the pages of our newspapers, we have the bad news, coming from London, with several attacks that sow panic not only in this country, but in Europe and the world as a whole. The situations in African countries are worrying. Disarray in everyday life, difficulties, persecution in our Christian life, division and violence in our society, may discourage us, yet for all those who believe in Jesus Christ, these difficult moments are capable to become a moment of grace. On the day of Pentecost, the disciples were gathered together in prayer. We are called to live our lives together, in prayer, contemplation and also in action. It is a sign of unity and friendship.

The gospel of the day brings the Peace of Christ to the disciples. I would like to remind you of the movements and people who are constantly working for peace and reconciliation. On this Pentecost day, we will be keen to invite our Christian communities to join these initiatives. May the Spirit of Pentecost support the efforts of the "friends of peace."

In rereading the gospel of the day we learn that there is a mission, "I send you" but not alone, accompanied by the Holy Spirit. What is this mission? Forgiveness of sin and especially 'reconciliation'. The young people of our parishes will receive these days  the sacrament of confirmation. Let us pray that they keep this word of the Lord in their hearts. "God sent his only begotten Son, not to judge us, but by Him that the world be saved. "

The Holy Spirit purifies and renews the heart of man. Pentecost is a feast of the Covenant with this new people of God, the Church of God, where God renews the face of the earth. The Church is universal with the diversity of languages, cultures and peoples, yet it is one people. Jesus is his head and we are members of this body of Christ. This Church is on mission, sent by Jesus into this world to proclaim the Good News, forgiveness of sin.

On this day, we thank you, Lord, for the gift of the Holy Spirit that you renew at every Mass. Teach us to open our minds and our hearts to his breath. Let him be with us to help us better understand the message of the Gospel. With him we shall be able to love our brothers better; And will be able to announce the Good News to them with a zeal that nothing can intimidate.

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