7th Sunday of Easter

Publié le 28 Mai 2017

This Sunday, which is between the Feast of Ascension and Pentecost, may remain invisibly suffocated. However, just like any other Sundays, the Church offers us this gospel for contemplation.  As you all know that I am neither a great theologian, nor an exegetist, I share with you, how I try to put daily gospel in act. For this reason, I would like to choose two words out of this gospel: The glory of the Father and eternal life. Both words are closely related.

Let us first look at Jesus, how He glorified His Father and how God glorified His Son. By observing Jesus as close as possible, we discover in Him and through Him the divine glory; The fulfilment of the will of his Father. ‘Jesus glorified his Father’ is synonymous with ‘Jesus did the will of his Father’. It was the finality of the incarnation and the joy of Jesus. When Jesus said that Father had glorified Him, I understood from Him, God recognized in the works of His Son the fulfilment of His will. A true divine recognition. In the other words God revealed the divine plan to the disciples of Jesus. By this revelation they have seen and witnessed the divine glory in Jesus.

Therefore, if we wish to glorify the Father, we must discover His will. Once we have discovered His will, we must begin to fulfil it. For this, if we need a special grace, we need humility to make a just request and God who has acknowledged our intentions and actions will respond positively. How to discover the divine will? It is in Jesus alone that we can discover it. Jesus told us that the divine will is, what we have eternal life.

In today’s gospel Jesus removes our ignorance of eternal life. Very often we imagine that the eternal life is a life of long duration, a life without death. It is not wrong for a simple understanding for the little child, but not entirely correct. Jesus teaches us by saying, eternal life is to know God as He is. It is not an intellectual knowledge, nor a knowledge of God, but an infusion into God, as Jesus is united in His Father. A configuration par excellence in God. God in us and us in God. Jesus had this kind relationship with His Father and proposed the same to His disciples.  He has asked his disciples to discover His Father in Him. In this relationship we can no longer die. Through this union we participate in divine eternity.

For the application and realization of this state of life in God, it is important that we observe the lives of the disciples. The disciples were united with their Master, first by prayer, especially a common prayer. We must acknowledge in this gospel that the disciples prayed together with Mary, the mother of God and with the other women.

The Christian community excludes no one, it is by its very nature in an inclusive community.  Our faith is though very personal and deep it may be, it has a communitarian foundation.  Our Faith is not a new invention rather has a very long history. It is in this salvation history that we are all are associated and are invited to pray and implement all that Jesus taught us. The Christian life is essentially a contemplative life in which man contemplates the Word of God and also action filled life in which man put in act all that he has contemplated. The action and contemplation, both go together.

We still have another biblical person in Mary present in the assembly among other believers and disciples who can help us to listen to the Lord and to put into practice this word of God.  A perfect model of contemplation and action integrated personality. The Church cannot glorify Christ without listening to Mary, her mother, who continues to tell us, 'do whatever He tells you.' This Word of Mary will remain eternally rooted in our spirituality and we deeply believe in her intercession. She is able to bring us to her Son, and the Son will bring us to his Father. Yet, as Jesus promised us, it is the Holy Spirit who will gradually reveal to us the path that will lead us to the perfection of joy, joy in Christ, joy in his Father, The joy of Father. Good Sunday

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