27th of April (English)

Publié le 26 Avril 2017

Gospel text

(Jn 3,31-36):

He who comes from above is above all; he who comes from the earth belongs to the earth and his words, too, are earthly. The One who comes from heaven speaks of the things he has seen and heard; he bears witness to this but no one accepts his testimony. Whoever does receive his testimony acknowledges the truthfulness of God. The one sent by God speaks God's words and gives the Spirit without measure. For the Father loves the Son and has entrusted everything into his hands. Whoever believes in the Son lives with eternal life, but he who will not believe in the Son will never know life and always faces the justice of God.


The application


Many of us are tired of hearing that we are children of God. We are disappointed with us the way we behave ourselves without any empathy towards others and how easily we hurt people who love us. There is a humanity in us hurt and wounded. How to heal us and purify us? How to born once again from heaven to speak about heavenly affaires? 

The different post-resurrection apparitions may help us to understand the divine inheritance that God has accorded to us and the way Jesus came to rekindle the faith in the heart of the disciples do give us lot of hope.

Though these things look little out of current, there is a simple way of looking our life. The answer to the question, ‘what is really believing in Christ?’ will certainly help us to identify what we are and what we have become in the Resurrection of the Lord.  

Believing in Christ is becoming merciful as the heavenly Father is merciful. Believing in Christ, is believing in the merciful love of the Father, who has sacrificed His only begotten Son to save the sinners. Believing in Christ is becoming the visible sign of the invisible divine mercy. Though they may look as if it is impossible, there is an exist point. Be configured in Christ. This configuration will certainly the only way to know the Father and love Him. Just like the disciples were formed step by step, we too will be formed by God slowly but steadily. Let us allow ourselves to be animated by the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus was filled with Holy Spirit. Without this configuration in Christ, nothing is possible, even to love ourselves.


Daily Quote from the early church fathers:

Always bless the Lord! by Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 A.D.

"When are you to 'bless the Lord?' When he showers blessings on you? When earthly goods are plentiful? When you have a plethora of grain, oil, wine, gold, silver... - while your mortal body remains healthy, uninjured and free from disease; while everything that is born on your estate is growing well, and nothing is snatched away by untimely death; while every kind of happiness floods your home and you have all you want in profusion? Is it only then that you are to bless the Lord? No, but 'at all times.' So you are to bless him equally when from time to time, or because the Lord God wishes to discipline you, these good things let you down or are taken from you, when there are fewer births or the already-born slip away. These things happen, and their consequence is poverty, need, hardship, disappointment and temptation. But you sang, 'I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall be in my mouth always,' so when the Lord gives you these good things, bless him, and when he takes them away, bless him. He it is who gives, and he it is who takes away, but he does not take himself away from anyone who blesses him. (excerpt from EXPOSITIONS OF THE PSALMS 34.3)


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