6th Sunday of the year

Publié le 12 Février 2017


My Sunday Homily

If there is one thing that I find important in our Christian faith the proximity of divine presence in our life and the human freedom that God has accorded to us. Though this God remains with us, yet in discretion without imposing His presence. Since He created us in His image, He gives us this freedom of choice, where God Himself respects it in a radical and perfect way. It is in this theological freedom that St. Thomas Aquinas said that God cannot save us against our will. He offers us water and fire, life and death, at the same time the freedom to choose and, now it is up to us to see and decide. If we choose life and water, we must choose his commandment with it. The first reading tells us that God is great and He sees everything. He sees everything in silence.

The foundation of the Christian faith and its daily commitment are based on two pillars: the goodness of God that He is merciful and good, and for the application, search for His will, which is in fact our own will. God wishes that we are happy and fine. The man who has discovered this goodness and who has tasted it will always seek the divine will, for in fulfilling this will he will find his joy and his happiness. As a result, he will be happy. That is why we see that men of faith are happy and joyful, even if things do not turn as they would like to have.

Where does this wisdom come from? Saint Paul tells us, it is the Lord who gives us this wisdom of discernment, especially to all those who seek it. This is not something as a special grace accorded to the elites, rather to each and every baptised person. This wisdom helps us to see everything that is invisible. Like Saint John who saw the empty tomb, and in this emptiness he saw the signs of the resurrection, we can also discover the divine presence and its works in our society.

This discernment helps us not only to discover the works of God, but also in these works the fulfilment of the Word of God, the Sacred Scriptures and also all the prophecies. Mary believed in this accomplishment. Simeon in the Temple proclaimed that God did accomplish all that He promised. This discovery strengthens us and makes us firm in our commitment and in our Christian faith.

It is in this firmness that Jesus asks us "that our 'yes' be 'yes' and our 'no' be 'no'. Always choose good and systematically reject evil. Say yes for peace, reconciliation and for unity and say no to violence and separation. That is why there is a requirement, particular to our own nature, not only to human nature, but also to the divine nature: we are the children of God.

As a child of God, therefore, we must put just like God, love as the principal law, as the foundation of all our actions, and as the norm of God's perfection. That our righteousness, our behaviour, our faithfulness to the Word of the Lord, our thoughts and actions, surpass the mere earthly intelligence and wisdom, that we participate in the divine wisdom by which we would be to the world as the light and in this light that will discover that we are the children of God, particularly the way we Love each other and generous in our pardon. Amen.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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