Sunday Homily

Publié le 22 Janvier 2017

We enter in to the third ordinary Sunday. The Church asks us to appropriate this theme, "convert, for the kingdom of God is near" and become the prophets of conversion, announcing by our testimony of life the joy of the gospel. Through our baptism we are the missionaries of the Good News, and today Jesus calls us and sends us to be that light for the desperate and isolated nation, so that people may see themselves the arrival of the Kingdom of God. In Him we see this Kingdom, not only as a reality, deep within us.

For every believers, Jesus is our light and we carry this Light of hope in us. It will dissipate the darkness of ignorance and enlighten the world. If we wish ardently that this Light remain in us, we should turn towards Jesus and recover from the love of the Trinity. It is in this unity and love of divine communion in the Trinity that we ourselves learn to love and forgive generously.

Looking at this contemporary world and observing all that is happening around us, it is quite possible that we are locked up in fear and uncertainty or simply the precariousness of life can discourage us. We must look at Jesus before the unjust arrest of John the Baptist. Learn from Him, how to act in such situation. He withdrew and began to announce the Good News, starting from the baptism of conversion, towards the Baptism of Spirit and fire. We must continue the good deeds more vigorously than before, otherwise we will be tempted to ignore good deeds and led by the evil one who sows the grains of fear and vengeance into the hearts of men.

The world must see in us this light of hope and encouragement that God continues to announce to the world. We are called to be the lights of the world. We shall see many unjust acts, and we are not called to be silent, rather to act more. If we are rejected by a society, let us continue to work where God decides to send us. Alone, we can do nothing, but with Christ we can do everything.

All those who were called were not specialties, Jesus made them capable. Let us not be afraid to take responsibility in the Christian life, especially in the Church. If we allow the Holy Spirit to act upon us, God will make us capable. He will accompany us and guide us.

By gathering us to church on this Sunday, we come to draw from the source of the Love that is in God. We are nourished by his Word and his Eucharist. We ask him to give us strength and courage for the mission He entrusts to us: "You who are the Light of the world, you who are love, put your Spirit of love in our darkness. "

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