Christmas Message

Publié le 24 Décembre 2016

We are blessed to celebrate the incarnation of the Lord, because by God’s participation in our humanity, gives us an opportunity to participate in the divinity of Jesus.  In His humanity, our own humanity is purified and elevated. Our humanity finds its hope and in Him we can rightfully hope to inherit the divine love. In Jesus, God loves us and in Jesus’ human love we can taste the perfect divine love.

However, let us not forget that the incarnation is not a sole or alone entity, because it is narrowly connected with the death and resurrection of the Lord. By the incarnation, God, the giver of life has chosen death for His son, so that through His death that the humanity finds its hope of resurrection. It is in this deep theology of redemption that God has chosen to born in our natural weakness like a little child which will follow all the classical human process of joy and pain, life and death. In this human process this child will depend on human guidance, thus God affirms the need of human cooperation in the salvific mission of Jesus.

The injustice committed to Jesus, gives us a hope that Jesus understands perfectly our pains and disappointments in our contemporary life. The hypocrisy of the elites of then society, the silence of the crowd of Jerusalem which acclaimed ‘Son of David’, the betrayal of His own disciple, gives us an opportunity to raise us up and look at Jesus for pardon and mercy. Only if Judas Iscariot could have raised and looked up to Jesus………………!

Though these events were to come in the future, the Holy Child was however already revealed and informed by the Father who has sent Him in this world.  Thus we can with certain certitude affirm that the Incarnated was fully aware of the consequence of this act filled with love and compassion. The holy child was well aware of the salvific plan which God so desired through this great event. Thus, it is quite normal that this child observe each and every one of us. Therefore there is no hidden surprise that there is no free and warm space reserved for human, be accorded to this divine Child.  

In this child, for a moment, we may rightfully feel that He needs us more than we need Him.  He insists us that He really needs us for the whole humanity. Every child which depends upon the adults, every innocent person who is cheated and manipulated, each and every individual or association who work day and night for peace and reconciliation, every victim of violence and injustice are the same little child before us. For the survival of the humanity, we need them cared, looked after, nourished and we have to protect them.

Outside of the home, this little child will happily find a shelter though strange amidst animals, very close to the nature earth, does carry in this open world, abandoned by the owner of the shelter in their ignorance, communicates to us the universality of the salvation, the proximity and accessibility of divine grace to all. Since He is outside of the home, everyone can approach Jesus easily and profit the grace of this little child. All those who are alive and active, watching and praying, will be able to listen the message. However only those who make themselves available and engage concretely to put in action all that they have heard and listened, will see in this Child the saviour of the world. If we don’t learn to see rightly, this child will remain however unnoticed and invisible.

On this wonderful day I wish you all to identify this visible Child in or outside of our home and discover the invisible God in this Child. Happy Christmas to you all.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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