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Publié le 26 Novembre 2016

Dear readers

It has become a tradition that I share with you all my reflexion on important moments of our Christian life. Advent is the one such occasion which the Holy Church present to us and I come to you with my thought, hoping that it will be helpful to you all to live this moment in a better way. It is quite normal that I repeat some of the information that I have already given, particularly for those who read my reflexion for the first time.

‘Advent’ takes its root from the Latin word ‘Adventus’ or ‘advenio’ which means, ‘coming’ or ‘to come to. It’s certainly related to the coming of the Lord, coming in different sense for our preparation. First it is the eschatological meaning, the solemn second coming of the Lord, where he will take the seat of judgement, and it will be a radical and definitive one, without any mercy. The second meaning can be associated to the immediate preparation for the Christmas, the mystery of incarnation that we will commemorate on 24th night. The third is more important for us today, prepare a place, a dignified place for this little child in our heart.  

For many of us the third will take the prominence of all the spiritual and present preparations are concerned. How to prepare us for this great event and what is in it that we should give much importance? I will rather try to answer the second question which will lead us towards the second question.

The incarnation is something the humanity has never able to imagine or could desire for. This mystery was beyond its imagination or capacity and till today we haven’t decoded the intention and choice of God, to this extreme divine adventure, for a people who were systematically unfaithful. It is in this background we find difficult to accept this divine adventure and are incapable to digest or to accept such an enormous gift that God so desired for the humanity.

Thus with a sense of gratitude we stand before this great mystery and try to understand the gravity of this marvellous gift. How could God expose Himself to be controlled, directed, and taught by the humanity which was ungrateful and sinful? Is there anything that the humanity could teach to God that God didn’t know? Is there anything that good in the humanity that God could profit? Certainly the answer is a great NO. However, this event gives an opportunity to the humanity to understand God very closely in its own humanity and discover from the same humanity in Christ, to want extent God loves us.

‘God so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son, not to judge us, but through Him that we may be saved’ says, Saint Jean. In Jesus we discover this unconditional love and this Advent time gives us one such opportunity to receive and renew our desire for this love in a dignified way. The first Advent Sunday will proposes us ‘watch and pray’ that we may not go away from this love of God.  When He comes, let Him find us fully prepared to receive Him in joy and gratitude, Noah who listened to the warning of the Angel and did exactly as God commentated him.  

I come to the first question that I have asked right from the beginning. How to prepare ourselves to this great event? We are called in these days to imitate this obedience of Noah and be faithful in accomplishing the will of God, because His will is the wellbeing of the humanity, where we are essential ingredients who are going to greatly profiting.  Watching and praying are in a spiritual out-look the different faces of the same coin. Praying is responding positively to the call of God to come closer to Him and listen to Him. It is not the other way, God listen to us, and to present our supplications before Him, which get multiplied every day.  In this prayer we are taught to watch what is essential to accomplish the will of God and all that are blocking us to accomplish the mission that God has entrusted to us.

This watching is essentially includes an introspection of ourselves, the qualities that God has enriched us, some helpful to grow towards God and the devil uses the other to put us down. Watching is certainly means to identify such elements and make a proper discernment which will end-up in good and healthy decisions in our wise judgements.  It all begins by washing and arranging, ordering and orienting, certainly with perseverance.

In this year I wish you all to enter in to this season with hope and joy. It is important that we carry this on our way, not only for us, but also for those who are in-need of them. Let us discover in this pilgrim life, how much God is close to us and accompanying us. Let us watch and see ourselves the signs and symbols that God uses to teach us and warn us. Let us not forget to be united with others. The universal Church will help us in this duration to read the Sacred Literature in a different way and to understand the message that God communicates to us daily. I wish to each and every one of you that this waiting be a joyful waiting, which may end up with a wonderful experience of divine encounter.  God bless you all and a good preparation.



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