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Publié le 28 Novembre 2015

Today we are entering in the Advent season. The word Advent comes from the Latin ‘advenio’, "to come to," and refers to the coming of Christ. Advent is a time reserved for the preparation, preparation not only for the great feast of Christmas, particularly to understand the rich meaning of incarnation both theological and anthropological, with spiritual and social implication in the human history.

We are called to understand to what extent God can go to save the humanity. The incarnation does help us to comprehend the concept of God, God who decides to die in Christ, to take the form which not only weak, but needs the human cooperation in Mary to bring this mystery to our human intelligence. The unmoved mover is moved by the finite creation. We are brought closer to God, to understand His will and the mission entrusted to us, through His only begotten Son.

In Jesus we understand the ‘humanity’ par excellence that God so desired, right from the creation. Man is called to be fully united with the creator, just like the branch is attached to the vine for its mere existence. In Jesus we understand that the prayer and contemplation were the essential ingredients to maintain this equilibrium of God-Man relationship.

However, we may be united with the creator, just like Jesus, a desert life is also part of this humanity. Being alone to have a personal relationship with God, not only to understand ourselves, but also others who are directly or indirectly part of ourselves. Our happiness and joy, are inter-related, because God in humanity has created a community. At the same time, let us be clear that our happiness and joy are not depended on this community, rather in God and the community does facilitate this process. The life of Jesus calls us to build a community of apostles, who will be rooted in God and par this consequences, we will be happy and united.

The Church proposes four Sundays which will help us to grow in our faith and in our understanding of this mystery. Our preparation will be an aide to profit from the implication of ‘incarnation’ not only in social enrichment as a community which prays and prepares together, but most importantly in a personal way, to get closer to the divine reality, remaining purely human.

Incarnation has transformed the concept of ‘human’ being ordinary, as something weak, low or mean, into purely divine, extraordinary and unique creation of God. Today we can say with certitude of Jesus’ humanity that being human par excellence, is being divine, which leads us towards the plenitude of holiness that God so desires to share with us. Jesus’ participation in our humanity has raised us in a dignified way as heir of the Kingdom of God.

Only if we realize the richness of this gift that God has given to us in Christ, and the proximity which He has accorded to us by the incarnation, we will be able to fix the finality of our preparation, in full freedom, choosing by right discernment among the good means available, and the best way to apply these means which are accessible to us.

To my readers, I will accompany you in your personal march towards the holiness, through different advent Sundays, by proposing different themes to meditate and to contemplate throughout the week. We will start with ‘watching and praying’, as the theme for the first Sunday and follow with ‘conversion and reconciliation’, for the second Sunday. The third Sunday we will meditate on ‘waiting with joy’ and the last Sunday we will celebrate ‘the joy of welcoming le Christ by our service to the humanity.’

I wish to all my readers a good preparation for a fruitful Advent. I know there are people who are close to me in pain and suffering. I assure you my prayers, and my support. I assure you all my accompaniment through daily sharing. I wish it will help you to profit the richness of ADVENT and may your pains and suffering may lead you to understand the divine accompaniment to grow deeper in Christ and Christ alone. I wish you that this preparation will help you to understand the meaning of Christmas and the JOY and HOPE that God promises through the incarnation. A good, prayerful and holy ADVENT. Do pray for me.

Rédigé par JOHNBOSCO

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